Taras Document Management System

Effective information storage and distribution is a every growing challenge for any organisation.

The need to reduce paper while retain the capability to keep record of various documents which can be easily retrieved when required for compliance, data analytics or other important functions of the organisation securely.

Taras DMS offers a secure way to store and retrieve documents securely over the cloud using our advanced encryption and biometric security expertise.

Taras DMS uses multiple encryption algorithms like AES256, TLS 2.0 and RSA among the encryption to transport and store the documents.

The system uses advance biometric gatekeeper cryptographic algorithms combined with multifactor authentication to ensure secure login and access to the system.

TarasDMS also supports enterprise access control functionality to grant secured and limited access to document so that data security is always controlled.

The system has full feature document search and retrieval functionality which allows user to retrieve documents based on various search parameters. The system also is capable of maintaining a record of the various versions created and modified by different users

TarasDMS can perform full optical character recognition (OCR) to allow for full text search for the document making it an important tool in searching and referencing relevant document while retrieving information.

Taras Document Management System Features